"Shawn compels every member of the audience to realize that their life, their ability and their voice can make a difference in the world. His willingness to share his pain causes others to know there is hope. His message is relevant and powerful for a generation that desperately needs to know they matter and that they are not alone."
Ashley Harrell, Teacher, North Chicago Comm. H.S.

A note from Shawn…
Please click on the links above to read my story and hear what others are saying about the transformation in my life. I'd like to share my story with you . . . through my blog or at a live event. Please contact me for more information.

"Shawn's speeches were some of the best attended and reviewed of our 2009 conference. His gripping personal story and passion of the subject of service and youth leadership make him an excellent speaker for young people. He makes a true peer-to-peer connection with audiences."
Andrew J. Campbell, America's Promise Alliance

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